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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Purpose of Beads and Stones

Beads and stones have been used by humans for various purposes since prehistoric times. Most importantly they have been worn for adornment. Early on, they were strung on reeds or any string-like material to form necklaces and bracelets. Later they were set in metal jewelry when precious metals became available. In some cultures, beads and stones worn in jewelry have been a symbol of status.

Various beads and stones were assigned value in prehistoric and ancient times which allowed them to be used as the first currency used in trade. This has continued to varying degrees in various cultures. With advancement in the production of glass beads in Venice and later in other parts of Europe, glass beads became important in trade with Africa and the New World. Lampwork glass beads are still valued depending on their beauty and quality. Precious and semi-precious stones today still have special value all over the world according to their beauty and rarity.

Some people believe that certain stones have mystical qualities and that they can ward off evil. This concept is of course not shared by everyone.

Strings of beads are used in certain Christian, Moslem, and Hindu sects in prayer.

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