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Sunday, January 17, 2021



The color green is a blend of the basic colors yellow and blue. It is the color of chlorophyll which is found in plants and has therefore been associated with life by various cultures. For example, the ancient Egyptians used the color green for the floors of their temples. The ancient Greeks associated green with victory in battle. In Islam it is considered a sacred color. It is the national color of Ireland because of the intense green of the landscape in that island nation. In the Chinese culture green represents the East. Green is considered by many to represent freshness and from there newness leading to the slang word greenhorn alluding to someone who is a new immigrant. In the USA all paper money is printed in green leading to expressions such as “show me the green.” Green in many cultures represents envy as in the “green eyed monster.” It is also associated with illness or nausea as in “it made him turn green.” Patina is a green color found on aged copper and bronze surfaces because of oxidation. Ancient coins and jewelry made of those metals often show a green patina. Green glass gets its color from metallic materials mixed in to the glass. There are green glass artifacts dating back to ancient times. The art of making green glass was perfected by the Venetian glass makers in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. Green has remained an important color in glass products to the present times

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