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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Women in Ancient Sumer

The most ancient civilization existed thousands of years ago in Sumer which was a collection of city states in Mesopotamia. The position of women in relation to men in Sumerian society varied according to which location in Sumer, at what point in history, and what level of society. As farming became more prevalent, men were more likely to do the heavy farm work (like plowing). Women would process the farm products (like churning milk, grinding grain, and weaving cloth. Although women were usually in a lower position than men, the difference was less in the earliest years than later. Women often sold the goods they made and went to the market place to buy the raw materials they needed to make the goods. The deity for many communities was often a goddess. In later years men engaged in commerce and women stayed home doing housework. Women in the nobility and priestesses could often read and write, but commoners did not. Women wore long tunics, henna make-up, and jewelry.
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Friday, June 13, 2014


A pyramid is a 3 dimensional structure consisting of at least 3 sides in which all the sides are triangles which converge at the top. The greatest and most famous pyramids were built in ancient Egypt between 2600 and 1600 BCE. They were usually tombs for Pharaohs. They were supposed to represent the rays of the sun coming down and a pathway for the Pharaoh to ascend to the Heavens. Many of them were the largest structures built in ancient times. The pyramidal shape allowed for greater height by placing the largest (heaviest) part at the bottom becoming progressively smaller going up so that each level was lighter than the one supporting it below. They required the labor of thousands of workers. The Egyptian pyramids were preceded by the zigurrats of Mesopotamia which had a partially triangular shape although they did not converge in a point at the top. The native people of Mesoamerica (Mexico and adjacent parts of Central America) independently developed a civilization during Pre-Columbian times in which stepped pyramidal buildings played a role (more like ziggurats than Egyptian pyramids).
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


A parallelogram is a 2 dimensional box bounded by 2 sets of equal length opposing lines, but the each set is not necessarily the same length as the other set and the angles are not necessarily right angles. If all the angles are right angles, then it is a type of parallelogram called a rectangle. If all 4 sides are equal length, then it is a square. If the angles are definitely not right angles, then the parallelogram is called a rhombus. The pendant pictured above is a rhombus.
The idea of the parallelogram was known to the ancient Greeks (perhaps earlier). The ancient Greek mathematician wrote about it.
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Monday, June 9, 2014


A rectangle is a 4 sided shape with 4 corners in which each side is straight and equal to the opposite side (in other words 2 sets of opposing equal sides). It also has 4 right angle corners. Rectangles usually occur naturally in living things which tend to be more round. Occasionally one might find a hard non-living substance like a rock which by chance happens to be rectangular. However, rectangles are usually man made. They have been known to humans since ancient times and were used in architecture because walls of buildings were often rectangular. Also writing tablets were often rectangular.
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