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Saturday, October 18, 2014


A cabochon is a gemstone which is dome shaped on its outer surface and flat on its inner surface. It has no facets. The flat side allows it to be more easily set into a bezel on a jewelry piece than  a faceted stone which does not have a flat side. Cabochons are usually opaque and are often oval in shape. The word cabochon come from the medieval French word for head (like the word cabbage). Although the name is medieval French, the origin of the technique of shaping and polishing cabochons probably goes farther back in history.
The pendant pictured above is an example of a cabachon set in a bezel. It, as well as other cabochon jewelry hand crafted by Rose, can be found on the Metal Jewelry Shaper web site.

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Mary Varley said...

The coloration on this cabochon is very interesting. What kind of stone is it? This gives me an idea about making a greeting card and a scrapbook page embellishment!