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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


In early prehistoric times, people were self sufficient. Each family obtained its own food by hunting, gathering, and later farming. Each person or family made their own tools, vessels, or whatever products they needed and and had the knowledge to produce. Eventually some people came up with the idea that if they produced more of some product than they needed for personal use, they could trade it with someone else for something that they were lacking. Then came the idea that you could sell more of your products by having more exposure to consumers. The best place for exposure was  where roads crossed. Then sellers would gather at those best places for exposure which was the beginning of craft shows. The shows were at first temporary on market days. Later sellers realized it would be easier to just live near the places of selling which was the beginning of towns and cities. So, craft shows are a tradition thousands of years old going back to the dawn of civilization.

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