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Wednesday, February 3, 2021


Fashion in ancient Greece varied according to location and time period. The Greeks liked loose fitting clothing. During the earlier ancient times, women draped fabric around them. In the late period, women started wearing clothing made of cut pieces of cloth that were sewn together.The fabrics used were mainly wool and linen. Wool was more popular in winter and linen in summer. Wealthy people wore finer linen dyed different colors. For footwear, people generally wore sandals outside and went bare foot inside. The poorest people usually went barefoot indoor and outdoor. Jewelry was especially popular with wealthy people. It was passed on from generation to generation because of it's cost. Hair styles varied from short to long. Long hair was often braided. Light skin color was popular because wealthy women stayed indoors and were therefore pale from avoiding the sun. So, face powder that made the face look pale was very popular. Red iron oxide paste was used for lipstick. Red powder was used to give the cheeks a blush.

The luxurious necklace pictured above looks like it might have been worn by an ancient Greek woman but was actually handcrafted in modern times by Rose. You can visit it at Treasured Turquoise Silver Necklace ( .

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