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Friday, January 8, 2021


Fish can be found in the mythologies of various cultures all over the world. In the Mythology of the Celts and other British Islanders, the salmon has been associated with wisdom. In ancient Greek Mythology there have been various fish-like creatures; hippocampos combines horse and fish; leocampos is a lion fish; taurocampos is a bull fish; aigicampos is a goat fish. In various pagan cultures the fish represented fertility. In Hindu culture, the fish represents creation (interesting in that science tells us that life began in the oceans). In Buddhist culture, the fish represents happiness and fidelity. In Japanese mythology, shachikoko is a carp with a dragon head, and namazu is a giant catfish that causes earthquakes. In Hawaiian and Fijian mythology, the shark god protects and guides sailors. In Maori mythology there is a large fish that gives birth to the stars.

Most of the Earth's surface is covered by water, and fish are an important source of food for humans. No wonder that so many varied cultures all over the world have woven the fish into their folklore.

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