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Friday, January 29, 2021



Venetian glass making began in the 8th Century, and subsequently Venice became the glass making center of Europe during the Middle Ages. Venetian merchant ships traveled to all the great glass making centers of the Mediterranean area and brought back their skills to Venice. Venetian glass making was also influenced by the glass making centers of northern Europe. Marco Polo is believed to have brought the art of lampwork (glass bead making) from his travel to China. Beads were an important commodity in the Venetian merchant trade because of their small size. Venice was especially known for its chevron beads which had a corrugated pattern. Venetian glass making declined in the 17th Century and remained so during the years when Venice was part of the Austrian Empire, but a revival occurred in the late 19th Century after Venice became part of the new independant Italy. By the 1920s, art deco glass further promoted the Venetian glass industry. Venice continues to be an important source of glass and particularly glass beads. You can see great examples of glass beads at

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